Because "Weekly technical tips packed in less than 5 min of reading" was too long.

nuggets of coding
A nugget a week keeps your coding slick

The Who

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by on my website. I am a software engineer and technical lead with more than 8 years of experience working on the web, creating mobile games & apps, building tools for other developers and making the world a better place. Or not, depending on which colleague maintaining my code you ask.

I am not a code guru but who knows, maybe one day someone will write an article referencing my article, calling me a guru, which of course will make me a guru from that moment on. But not yet. As I mindset, I like Dan Abramov's Junior for Life approach, while also understanding the superficial humility which may be the thing some people get by reading that statement.

Until then, I would like to share some of my thoughts about various programming concepts that made my brain evolve and become more capable of writing code that doesn't kill people. That's the standard!

The Why

This series is created because:

  1. Writing things down helps clear the ideas out, making them more robust and well formulated in my mind
  2. Sharing the ideas publicly forces me to think them through, which acts as accountability to do a good job with them
  3. My hope is that some of these article will help you write smarter code, which makes me sleep better at night

The What

Of course I am going to write about Clean Code, I'm sure you already guessed that by now. But if you thing this blog is all about re-argumenting why smaller functions are better, you are just partially correct.  

We're going to talk about a lot more than that, ranging from performance tips to IDE hacks, debugging gotchas and ways to look smarter in interviews. We're going to solve interesting challenges in the 5 min budget we have together while also gaining some insight into something you already knew, but never thought about it deeply.

Short. Practical. Mildly funny ( we'll see ).

The When

Weekly, but not yet set. I'll try to stick to a schedule but c'mon, who doesn't like inbox surprises.

Call to Action


Or don't, I'll write these anyway. My mom will read them. She will write better code than you because of it. Is that what you want ? Is it ?

Nuggets of Coding Wisdom